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Business Profile


Leonardo (Leo) Estrada started working in the Commercial Fishing Industry in 1989 as Chief Engineer and crew member. In 2007, after a very successful career working in various vessels both in Alaska and Washington, he decided to stay on land and build upon his on-board experience to start providing welding and fabrication services for the commercial fishing industry on his own, doing business as Leo’s Welding. This entrepreneurial spirit together with a superior knowledge of the marine industry, his expertise in the welding and metal fabrication trade, and an excellent customer service and quality which has earned him wide acceptance in the industry, eventually led him to finally establish Leo’s Welding and Fabrication LLC (LWF) in 2010. Late in 2009 he hired Mr. Atilio Gallardo a long-time Chief Engineer in the fishing industry and together they combine over 40 years of welding and metal fabrication in the commercial fishing industry.

Today the company employs over 10 certified welders and fabricators and supports the Pacific Northwest commercial fishing industry by performing all necessary repairs on crab boats, long liners, trawlers, salmon boats, gill-netters and seiners.

LWF is a welding repair and fabrication shop that services the marine and construction industries. We are proficient in refrigeration piping and hydraulic systems utilizing TIG, MIG and STICK techniques. We do custom fabrication in aluminum, mild and stainless steel. LWF operates out of a 7,126 sqft facility located in the Fishermen’s Terminal/Ballard region of Seattle which provides excellent and fast access to our customer base. This facility houses all the state-of-the-art equipment necessary to service the industry and in it we are capable of fabricating aluminum craft up to 50’ in size.


LWF holds several Welder Procedure Specifications such as ABS, US Coast Guard and DNV. Also Shipyard Competent Person, and Certified Fire watcher.

Our Shop Foreman is a Licensed Chief Engineer for Fishing Industry Vessels, Certified Technician for Type I and II Refrigeration Systems, Ship Yard Competent Person, and Vessel Safety Drill Instructor.

Our crew receives up-to-date training periodically both internally and at outside centers. The training encompasses working techniques as well as Safety standards compliance, ensuring a safe work-place both in the shop and at on-site jobs. Currently the company has 10 ABS and USCG certified welders who continually receive training.


For each project LWF assembles a well experienced crew with the necessary expertise to carry out the full scope of the job. Aside from the owner, many of our crew members have been working a long time for the marine and construction industries in Alaska and the Northwest.

LWF has worked with several marine companies such as Clipper Seafoods, LTD, Fisherman’s Finest, Alaska Boat Company and many others. Vessels we have worked on include the “Aleutian Sable”, “Karin Lynn”, “Sea Bird”, “U.S. Intrepid”, and many more.

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